Barrett & Barrett Wine

Barrett and Barrett Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

2011 Cabernet Sauvignon | Calistoga, Napa Valley

Barrett and Barrett, two renowned and distinct wine stylists working together, finally, is really what this wine is all about. The result is a handcrafted, limited edition Napa Valley wine that reflects our two different, yet complementary, winemaking styles.

Bo is responsible for "farming for flavor" throughout the growing season. Bo's experience growing Cabernet in these Calistoga vineyards since 1973 draws upon decades of experience to get the grapes to their maximum potential for each harvest. Whether it’s a very hot vintage or a slow cool one, after 35 years Bo has probably seen it before and knows how to get the grapes ready for the vintage. Once we get into harvest, we pretty much agree on the style we are going for reflecting the weather and growing season.

Winegrowing for 2011 required experience going back as far as the 1970’s. It was the coolest vintage since 1972- 1974 era. Good thing we were around then and picked up what the ol’timers taught us about growing wines in cool years back in those days! The tricks learned 40 years ago paid off big for us in 2011. We farmed very carefully, giving early harvest priority over yield from the beginning of the season. And it worked! We picked the B&B Calistoga vineyards Sept. 29 and Oct 3. The two Napa Valley Oct 2011 rain events; the 4 days from 10/4-10/7 and the next wave 10/10&11 occurred after we harvested this wine. Low crop=early harvest= good news.

11/29/14 by HPB
This is one of the stars of the 2011 vintage, fully ripe and dense from our early ripening vineyards in Calistoga. Aromas of blackberry pie, currants, roasted coffee, dried black cherries and cocoa powder. The enticing layered aromas lead to a mouth coating lush silky palate. So easy to love. Sourced from our two vineyard sites; the new block developed specifically for this wine and the original Barrett vineyard at the foot of Mt St Helena. The combination of balance, finesse and length is just delicious.

Tasted 11/29/14 by Bo Barrett
The first thing I like about this wine is its dark, almost black, garnet color to the edge of the glass. Not red, not purple blue, but BLACK! The black fruits are primary on the nose and show as black cherry, black berry, and fruit leather. It is rich and ripe with briar, tobacco and cocoa notes. The second thing I like is its expansive nature on the palate. It immediately opens with a “boom!”, giving ripe, warm fruit and following through with lush, full flavors. The 2011 B&B is atypical for a Napa Valley 2011 Cab because these extraordinarily early ripening vineyards got fully mature. The cold growing season, especially the cold nights, keep this wine true to type with balance and distinct vineyard-driven character. This is a wine that truly shows the impact of decades of experience, the ability to adapt to each seasons’ growing conditions, in a specific vineyard, with a single purpose; to make wines like this.

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